Controls and Cast

Protect your treasure from King Avaricious III and his army!  Peasants and thieves will assault from the west to steal your gold and deliver it to the king.  If treasure is stolen and delivered to the King five times, you lose!

Rain fire and brimstone as the covetous dragon by attacking the King's servants with fiery projectiles.  Every successful hit both speeds up your rate of fire and adds to a rotating fireball shield.  Be careful though, if you miss a shot, you lose all your hard-earned speed and shield bonus.


Move - W, A, S, D

Fire - J, I, L or the arror keys or numpad 4, 8, 6

Hit 'P' to Pause

The Cast

King Avaricious III

The King himself.  Protected by powerful magic and enjoying the show from afar.

The poor saps sent to steal your precious hoard.  Easy to kill so don't let them slip by!
The King's personal Air Force, redesigned to swoop in on your treasure. 
Blue Wizard
Blue launches triplets of frost bolts from afar to slow you down while...
Red Wizard
...Red summons meteors to rain down and stun you in place.
Hill Giant


The King's elite defensive force.  Look for an opening behind his defensive posture.

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